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The Facts of Pain and Opioids

40 Million An estimated 40,000,000 people experience severe chronic pain in the USA.
8-13 Million Approximately 8-13 million patients are on daily opioid therapy for pain.
40 Percent 2019 study showed 40% of all doctors refuse to accept new chronic pain patients who take daily opioids.

Unintended Consequences

Well-intended responses to the overdose crisis by state and federal authorities have caused unintended harmful consequences.

1144828154 Patient Dismissal / Termination of Care
1144828154 Non-Consensual Medication Reduction
1144828154 Abandoned Patients, Suffering, and Death

Our Mission

Mission Statement: The Doctor Patient Forum is a non-partisan, community-based organization that works to support pain patients and their physicians with access to lifesaving pain relief and to mitigate the harmful effects of efforts to curb liberal prescribing and overdose. With a focus on disabled people, those in chronic pain, and physicians who work with them, DPF provides information, practical tools, and policy analysis to strengthen patient-centered safe and appropriate medical support and advocates for approaches that reduce increasingly common suffering and death resulting from non-consensual medication reduction or termination of care.

What We Offer

Education & Awareness

• Podcasts
• Newsletters
• Studies and statistics

Support & Empowerment

• National and individual state Facebook groups
• State-run in-person support groups
• State-run rallies

Advocacy Tools

• How to access your electronic health records
• How to advocate for legislation in your state
• How to advocate for loved ones

Our Vision for the Future

Red BulletLegislation in all 50 states protecting patients and their prescribers
Red BulletDEA oversight
Red BulletThe DPF opioid response program – finding patients continuity of care
Red BulletPatient access to PDMP/PDMP transparency
Red BulletOversight and regulation of risk scores such as NarxCare
Red BulletPublic speaking engagements
Red BulletConsulting services
Red BulletInfluencing public health policy
Red BulletPain patient access to Harm Reduction

The Doctor Patient Forum

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