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Bonnie - Chronic Pain, denied pain meds

Michael - Chronic Pain, denied pain meds

Bonnie - Chronic Pain, denied pain meds

Currently need total knee replacement surgery, Achilles surgery, shoulder surgery, have spondylosis, fibromyalgia, may even have MS , plus tons of back problems. No Dr. Will or is helping my pain.. it's really bad some days just lay in bed. I don't want to even think about how much worse it can get .. I'm already at a level 10 on a pain scale. What can I do

Michael - Chronic Pain, denied pain meds

 I was seeing a doctor for my neuropathy and that one doctor sent me how to five different doctors and each one of them put it off on the next one to write me a prescription for medicine. The thing is I wasn't even asking for an opiate or narcotic I was asking for gabapentin. When I finally got to the last one when I just was finally tired of all the crap I'm just straight up I told her exactly what I want it I need it. I told her I can't keep doing this I'm in terrible pain I can't walk can't do anything anymore can you please write me gabapentin it's not a narcotic and it helps me so much please help me. And she actually recommended for me to take Tylenol and ibuprofen together knowing I have cirrhosis of the liver. I thought about it later on she thought I was a DEA agent since I said the word narcotic. 

Thousands or most likely millions of pain and illness patients have been affected by the push for opioid elimination. There are many difference scenarios that take place. In this section we post stories sent to us by patients and doctors who have been affected by the false narrative. Some of the following scenarios are included in this section of our website:

  • Patients who go to the streets out of desperation for pain relief
  • Pharmacy refuses to fill controlled substances
  • Dr. wrote OUD diagnosis or drug-seeking behavior in the EHR

Would you like us to post your story here? Please fill out our contact form.

We will remove all identifying information. If you'd like us to list your name as "anonymous" or with a pseudonym, please let us know. Media hardly ever discusses our side of this "crisis," and we deserve to have our stories told.

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